☠Scary Story☠

                      The Van
       It was a dark and brisk night. October and Jensen had snuck out of the house and were walking to the park. Carr Park was a small park, lonely in the day, and even lonelier at night, for the park was constantly empty and had been trashed by lowly teenagers who enjoyed to graffiti things. When they walked, you could hear a pin drop on the ground. Nothing dare  made noise except for the wind. There was no one at the park except for October and Jensen, who started  laughing as they made funny faces and pretend accents.  
    The two gradually strolled to the swings, in no rush to get there. It had become darker and colder as they walked, and Jensen had a feeling that they were being watched. Jensen ignored the feeling completely.October wound up the swing and got on, while Jensen swung peacefully as she stared into the starlit sky, now becoming shrouded by a layer of thin, dark clouds, she thought to herself how strange the sky looked as it faded into darkness.October was dizzy, and Jensen was laughing at her when out of nowhere they heard a sound of a car approaching. They looked around and didn't see any car nearby or people for that matter.   Jensen and October thought they were alone, completely alone.
     Only a few minutes after the paranoia had passed, Jensen told October that she felt uncomfortable and cold, and that they should head home. Being as good sisters as they were, the two headed back home in the same  direction that they had come.
    About two blocks later, the two heard the car noise again. It sounded as if rain was pounding down on the sidewalk. Jensen looked back and  only saw darkness following them into the night. As Jensen turned to keep walking with October, they were blinded by bright, white headlights. The white van sat there, quiet and stationary. October stood in shock, her face as white as a ghost and whispered to Jensen,
  The two dashed across the sidewalk frantically. Jensen was panicking trying to keep up with October and tripped over a sidewalk crack. October ran and ran until she noticed Jensen wasn't there. October turned around and almost slipped, but righted herself on the soft grass of the park. Jensen had gotten up and was waiting while trying to cover her cut. October ran and was about 2 blocks away when she saw the van pull around the corner and started heading straight toward Jensen. At seeing this, October booked it and darted clear across the empty space that was keeping her from Jensen. A man had stepped out of the van, wearing a black hockey mask and fully black clothes, and had started running toward Jensen and before October could make it, he got to Jensen and was speaking to her. Jensen seemed terrified. Jensen got into the passenger seat of the van and the man got back to the drivers side. October was traumatized and when she saw the van drive towards her, she ran for dear life.
   The sky had changed to a very dark black blue. October was breathing heavily while hiding behind a ponderosa tree. October had ran from the man and was in hiding, hoping he wouldn't find her. October waited for a while and decided it was time to head home.

      About 30 minutes later, October crept through the grass on to the sidewalk on her path home. She walked block after block and was only  two blocks from her house when she heard a loud, rickety car close by, and to her horror, the van had found her. October ran as fast as the wind would take her and made it her brothers bedroom window, which she pried open with all her might, and went through it.
     Her brother was fast asleep on the floor. Yes, the floor. He had fallen off his bed when he was sleeping and was lying in an awkward position on the carpeted floor. "What a dork" thought October as she giggled to herself.  Just as she tiptoed to her bedroom to get her phone to text Jensen, there was a knock on the door. Her mom woke up and went to check who was at the door while October creaked down the stairs and before her mom could open it, threw herself in front of the door guarding her mom from opening it. October heard a pounding car sound,mans at that moment devised not to move, no matter what her mom said. Her mom asked why she was up at 2:48 in the morning and October avoided her, answering with a
"You don't know who could be at the door at this time! Don't open it!"
         Her mom ignored her and opened the door, exposing her sister and the man on the other side. The man explained that he was on patrol for kids that had been vandalizing the park, when he saw October and Jensen walking in the middle of the night. He said he offered Jensen a ride home and that he would be telling her mom what happened. Before he could get October to go home, he said she ran away into the dark., and he decided to take Jensen home, assuming that October would already be at home, and there she was, standing there in shame.
      The girls' mom was mad and told them how dangerous it was to go out alone at night. She told them that she loved them and she was glad they were safe. They apologized and headed to bed. Their mom invited the man in for a cup of coffee, and he politely declined, but then he spoke words of concern,
"You have very great children and I see you care for them, so make sure to protect them."
    After the man left, October and Jensen laid in bed and drifted off into a deep sleep. They were safe from the dangers outside, and comforted by the familiar warmth of their beds, and the love of their family.


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